When Disaster Strikes

Gatormade Shower Trailers are a perfect and economical mobile showering solution. Built tough, sturdy, and dependable, they deliver the comfort of a hot shower to people in areas affected by disaster.

For Outdoor Events

When hosting an outdoor camping event, such as a festival, long-distance race, or sporting event, having a Gatormade shower trailer is a great idea for your participants. Our trailers can be used year after year.

For Remote Job Sites

When working in outdoor, remote locations, often, showers and laundry facilities are not accessible. Gatormade Shower Trailers are a great investment for contractors to use time and again.

The BEST shower trailers at the BEST value.

Each shower is completely private with private dressing rooms, hot, and cold water. All shower trailers include a laundry room with washer and dryer units, a shave sink, air-conditioning, and heat strips.

These trailers are built for disaster relief, hurricanes, tornados, ice storms, or any time where electricity is blacked out. Also great for wildfire work crews, pipeline construction, county fairs, state fairs, church mission trips, youth camps, campsites, horse shows, or any large group gathering where increased access to showers can improve living or working conditions.

About Gatormade Shower Trailers

Born Of Necessity

Our first shower trailers were built to assist in the cleanup left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina back in 2005. At Gatormade, we realize how much of a blessing a hot shower and clean clothes can be to people in disaster-struck areas. That’s why we provide an multi-stall showering trailer solution at a good value – that will stand the test of time when put to use in times of need. Our trailers are built for service and longevity with minimal maintenance. 2016 marks our 12th year with no major repairs of any kind.

Available Features & Options

We build many sizes from one to twenty shower stalls. All are completely private with their own outside door, dressing area, pull-out steps, bench seat or fold-down seat, and a place to hang clothes. Our shower trailers come equipped with laundry rooms offering either one or two washers and dryers. All of our shower units have air conditioners and heat strips, on-demand LP gas water heaters, and walk-on roofs for longer trailer life, greater snow load, and ease of repair if ever needed. We also use electric landing gear, for ease of hook-up and parking. All units are built with a plumbing chase behind the shower stalls, so the plumbing and electric can be reached at any time. All units have quick drain ball valves for ease of winterizing in cooler climates.

Need a specialty trailer? We also build trailers with offices, kitchens, restrooms, bathrooms with showers, in standard and handicap-accessible.

Our Promise

The most important thing you should know about Gatormade Trailers is we stand behind our products. Experience the Gatormade difference. Call (606) 271-8499 for a quote today and speak with one of our knowledgable sales team members.

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